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Frequently Asked Questions


What does homework look like?

Homework consists of required reading, practical assignments, and some written assignments.

Does the school have accreditation?

The school is a private institution connected to a local church. It has certification but no accreditation in Austria.

Do I need any transfer transcripts from other schools to apply?

Transcripts from other schools are not required.

Where is the school located?

The school is located at The Courtyard, the second campus of 4Corners Christian Fellowship.

Quellenstraße 159/17-18, 1100 Vienna, Austria.

Do I need to be able to speak English perfectly to attend?

A good grasp of the spoken language is recommended, but strong writing skills in English are not critical.

What does the "bilingual" part of the school look like?

We will combine both the English and German tracks for our morning session of worship and encountering God as well as our ministries outside the school.  The teaching sessions and small groups will be separated into an English track and a German track.  Both tracks follow the same basic curriculum. You must register for either the English OR German track of the school. 

Which track should I choose if I speak English and German?

We recommend the English track for those who feel especially called to the nations of the world or who desire for a more international learning environment.  Our German track is perfect for those who prefer learning in German and especially those who feel called to the German speaking nations! 

What is the minimum age to attend?

All students must be 18 or above. We have no maximum age limit. We would love to have a cross-generational student body.

What is the minimum amount of students for the school to start?

We require at least 10 students for the school to start. 

Is there a maximum amount of students that would be accepted into the school?

Yes. We will be accepting a limited amount of students.


Can you assist with housing?

You must find your own housing arrangements. For student housing information click here.

What are the approximate costs for housing in Vienna?

Approximate housing costs for students are between 250-400 Euro a month. For more information click here.


Does the school supply financial aid?

The school does not supply financial aid.

If I pay my deposit and then decide not to attend the school, do I receive a refund?

The deposit and application fee are non-refundable and non-transferable.

How do I pay my fees/tuition (application fee, deposit or final payment)?

The fees/tuition can be paid via Credit Card, PayPal, or direct transfer. We do not accept cash payments or checks. For payment options click here.

Can I pay my tuition in installments?

All tuition fees must be paid in full before students can start the school. Payments are not possible in installments. For payment deadlines click here.

What does my tuition cover?

Your tuition covers all books, materials and classes of Living the Kingdom School. Cost of living, ministry trips, personal expenses (e.g. plane or train tickets, visa costs etc.) are not covered by the tuition.

International Students

May I work in Austria while I am studying?

If you are an EU citizen, you are legally allowed to work in Austria. If you are in Austria with a residence permit (Non-EU students), working is permitted within a limited framework. Work permits require a specific type of residence permit. For information about work permits, please contact the Austrian embassy in your region. The list of embassy locations can be found here.

Do I need a visa for living in Austria?

If you are an EU citizen or a citizen of a country connected through Schengen, a visa is not required. Citizens of other countries will need a residence permit to live in Austria. Please check with your local authorities about details. The application form for a residence permit can be found hereThe form is called "Aufenthaltsbewilligung Schüler - Antrag" and can be accessed under:

You can find more information on applying as an international student here.

Unfortunately, at this time, due to the requirements and length of time needed to obtain a residency permit, we are not able to accept students from the African continent unless they are already in possession of an appropriate residency permit to live in Austria.

Will the school assist with my visa application?

No. However, the school will provide you with a letter of acceptance to use for your residence permit application process and information on the specific type of permit to apply for.

How much money will I need while in Austria?

Non-EU students must prove that they have sufficient funds available while they are in Austria. 

Singles: 1000 Euro/month

Couples: 1600 Euro/month

What about health insurance?

Austria requires you to have sufficient health insurance for your entire stay.

Here is a link to the health insurance that is required for your stay.

CARE AUSTRIA Education 364

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