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Vienna is the capitol of Austria and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has been deemed the best city to live in for nine years in a row. It has a rich history of art, culture, music and innovation. Vienna is a very safe place to live and offers fantastic transportation, infrastructure and diversity. It is the heart of Austria with a population of well over 1,8 million people from many backgrounds, languages and cultures. It hosts one of the United Nations' largest buildings, which contributes to Vienna being a significant international, multilingual city. German is the main language in Vienna, but English is readily spoken in most places.

Since Vienna has a rich culture of music, art and architecture, we believe that it is part of our mandate to see the worship of God restored in all these areas. Although Vienna is a wealthy city from an economic perspective, spirtually there is much to be done, and movements like the Round Table (a platform of leaders from all Christian denominations in Austria), Awakening Europe Austria (June 2019) and many other initiatives are working to see the city become what God has seen since history began. We believe Vienna is meant to be a city of extravagant worship and a forerunner for a new renaissance in Europe.  

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Vienna, Austria



Vienna and Austria are known for astonishing music. Whether you are looking for classical or contemporary music, you will find it in one of the many houses of music, jazz clubs, concert halls or the operas. Many of Europe's finest composers were born in Vienna or lived there during their lifetime. Austrian composers include Strauss, Schubert, Bruckner, Haydn, Schoenberg and many others.


Art and Architecture

Some of the world's greatest art and architecture can be found in Vienna. Museums, art galleries and buildings are evidence of the creative genius God gave to humankind. Among the brilliant Austrian artists, Gustav Klimt stands out for his paintings, which incorporate gold and can be seen on display at the Belvedere palace.

Natural Beauty

Austria is a beautiful country full of mountains, lakes and forests - each more stunning than the next. Exploring the stunning views, breathtaking landscape and wonderful towns in Austria is rewarding in every way. God's creative nature can be experienced first hand as you travel the country.

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