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School Structure

A week in the life of a Living the Kingdom student includes Monday-Thursday classes from

9 a.m. - 1 p.m. as well as ministry and practical opportunities to serve the community and church during the week and/or on the weekends.  Students should expect an additional 8 - 12 hours of school related work/activities each week outside of class time.


Our class times involve time spent encountering God through worship or other activities, teaching, practical application, small group discussion as well as various activities outside the school environment.

Beginning in our 2023 – 2024 school year, we will offer two tracks, one in English and one in German.  Both tracks will combine for our morning session of worship and encountering God as well as our ministries outside the school.  The teaching sessions and small groups will be separated into an English track and a German track.  Both tracks follow the same basic curriculum. 

NOTE: The German Track has been postponed based on a lack of students.

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Image by Aaron Burden

Three Pillars

Everything we do at the school will incorporate one or more of the following elements, which are detailed on our vision page, and they will also intersect in teaching and application.

The Word Of God

The Presence Of God

Encountered through:

• In-depth Bible study

• Bible Teaching/Preaching

• Diverse application


Experienced through:

• Worship with music

• Creative expression

• Prayer and meditation


Practical Application

Lived out through:

• Social & community involvement

• Ministry 

• Evangelistic outreaches



These are some of the topics studied and/or practiced in the course of the year:

• The Bible: Living & Active

• How to Study the Bible

• Genesis: the Whole Picture 

• Romans: a Life of Faith

• Communication & Conflict Resolution

• Discernment: Understanding the Spirit Realm

• Healing and Miracles

• Healthy Finances

• Healthy Relationships

• Holy Spirit: Ministering through the third Person of the Trinity

• Life and Work of Jesus

• The Kingdom of God

• The Prophetic: Hearing the Voice of God

• The Role of Women & Men in Kingdom Culture

• Wholeness: Health in Spirit, Soul & Body

• Worship as a Lifestyle



Listen to an LTK Teaching Session


Identity in Christ 1:

New Creation

with Chris Pöschl

00:00 / 49:40

Bible Study Tools 2:

The 3 Questions

with Starla Pöschl

00:00 / 42:14

Hearing God's Voice 1:

Biblical Foundation

with Karissa Larson

00:00 / 36:32
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