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Know your purpose

Our desire is to encourage believers to pursue and live out the Kingdom of God in every area of life in order to bring transformation and the love of God to all of society.

At Living the Kingdom School of Transformation, we believe God has called us to emphasize three key elements. Living a transformed lifestyle requires pursuit of not only one of these elements but all three. Our desire is that as students delve deeper into each area, learning to make them an integral part of every aspect of their lives, they will experience the Kingdom of God like never before.

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Word of God

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The Word of God is an unshakable foundation for Kingdom living. We want to see students grasp Scripture on a deeper level so that it becomes an integral part of everyday life. It is “living and active” (Hebrews 4:12), which means our understanding should not only be head knowledge, but it should affect how we live out our relationship with God and with each other. This will also give us a proper lens through which we see the world around us. Our goal is that we come to know Jesus more, the living Word of God (John 1:14).

Presence of God

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From the beginning of time, God's desire has been for His people to live in constant and close relationship with Him. For this reason, we put a tremendous emphasis on worship, praise and time spent in His presence. When we praise Him, He establishes His throne (Psalm 22:3). From this position, where we are seated with Christ (Ephesians 2:6), we can go into the world carrying His heart to those we meet. Truly living the Kingdom of Heaven on earth can only be fulfilled when we are constantly aware of being in and carrying the presence of God. Like Moses, we will do nothing outside of that place (Exodus 33:15).


Practical Application


Jesus perfectly modelled for us what it looks like to live out His Kingdom "on earth as it is in heaven" (Matthew 6:10). He transformed lives not only when He taught in “church” but also while He walked through life. If we truly grasp the reality of the Kingdom of God within us (Luke 17:21), we will affect everywhere our feet take us, whether that is to our families, our neighbours, to the grocery store, into business, politics, education, the arts, or to the ends of the earth. The life and power of Holy Spirit in us bring transformation through us to a society in desperate need of a demonstration of the love of Christ.


In order to pursue spiritual transformation that affects society, students must first cultivate healthy relationships with both God and others. This is the foundation on which Kingdom living is built, and since Jesus Himself placed utmost importance on loving God and loving our neighbour, we are called to do likewise. It is through strong relationships combined with the three aspects of Kingdom living outlined above that students grow into a deeper revelation of the heart of God. Our desire is that as students spend time in His presence, He will bring His Word to life in their hearts, affecting supernatural transformation capable of changing the world around them with the love and power of Jesus.


The shape of the cross provides an excellent metaphor for Living the Kingdom. It is a two-fold picture of Jesus: His face lifted upward in absolute trust and submission to the Father shows that a vertical relationship is crucial for Kingdom living, while His arms outstretched in love to the world represent the horizontal influence that we should have on everyone around us.


We long to see these relationships thrive, so our goal is to create a culture where our core values become part of everyday life.

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