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Living the Kingdom 

Our school is located in the 4Corners Courtyard, which is one of two facilities used by the church. The Courtyard is home to young adult and youth meetings, prayer meetings, dance trainings, Liberty Ministries, prophetic ministry and trainings, seminars, and any other church activities that happen during the week. The main Sunday services take place in the Volkshochschule at the PAHO, located approximately 10 minutes away.


The Courtyard is located in the 10th district of Vienna and is easily accessible by public transportation. The tram stop Neilreichgasse is 150 meters from the entrance, and this connects directly to the subway/train stations U1/Wien Hauptbahnhof and Matzleinsdorferplatz, both within 10-15 minutes walking distance. Parking is available on the street, however, during the week charges apply. Weekends are free of charge. There are cafes and grocery stores within 2 minutes walking distance.

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